PORTA-PAK Battery Mounting Enclosure




The Indipro PORTA-PAK Mounting Enclosure is an external adapter enclosure that is specifically designed to house the Indipro PORTA-PAK battery systems for DSLR & Pro Video accessories. Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, this enclosure allows for the PORTA-PAK battery to be inserted and locked in, enabling the user to mount the unit in multiple configurations. On the bottom of the enclosure, there is a 1/4-20 mount hole for easy mounting abilities including tripod or a 15mm clamp. Then on the top, there are two separate hole mounts able to connect to a cheese plate or cameras 1/4-20 mount for on the go portability. The PORTA-PAK battery can be swap by removing the battery cover and replacing it without taking enclosure off any type of rig.

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Weight 0.7 oz


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