PORTA-PAK Battery Kit for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k




The Indipro PORTA-PAK battery Kit for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k includes the Indipro PORTA-PAK battery & charger, The PORTA-PAK mounting enclosure, a 2.1mm to Canon LP-E6 type dummy battery power cable (8?) for the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, and a PORTA-PAK traveling case. Connect the cable into the output on the PORTA-PAK and then insert the dummy battery into the BMPCC4K and your camera will be ready to use. The mounting enclosure allows for the PORTA-PAK battery to be inserted and locked in, enabling the user to mount the unit in multiple configurations. For easy storage, a traveling case specifically designed for the PORTA-PAK is included as well as a battery charger. View below for more information on the items in this kit.

PORTA-PAK Battery & Charger
The PORTA-PAK Battery & Charger are the newest addition to our state-of-the-art pro battery systems. Customized for the DSLR market, The PORTA-PAK is a 12.5V, 98Wh, Lithium-Ion battery pack with a 6-amp continuous draw. It consists of a 2.1mm regulated 7.4V DC output, 2.5mm regulated 12V DC output and a 5-volt USB port.
The 7.4v output provides a common power output for most DSLR cameras that utilize small 7.4v Li-Ion battery packs. There are a variety of dummy battery cables (sold separately) that connect into that 7.4-volt output. In addition to powering the camera through the 7.4v output, there is a 12-volt output to power monitors, lights, etc. The 5-volt USB port can be used to charge mobile devices as well as power any 5v accessories (example audio recorders). The PORTA-PAK has a 4 segment LED display that shows battery level. Located on the side, it?s easy to read during production.
The PORTA-PAK includes a small, lightweight charger that provides a quick charge current of 2A. This portable charger features a 2.5mm DC plug on one end and U.S. wall plug on the other, and it supports 90-240 VAC worldwide input voltage. The charger also has an LED indicator on the front that changes from red to green when your battery is fully charged.

PORTA-PAK Mounting Enclosure
The Indipro PORTA-PAK Mounting Enclosure is an external adapter enclosure that is specifically designed to house the Indipro PORTA-PAK battery systems for DSLR & Pro Video accessories. Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, this enclosure allows for the PORTA-PAK battery to be inserted and locked in, enabling the user to mount the unit in multiple configurations. On the bottom of the enclosure, there is a ?-20 mount hole for easy mounting abilities including tripod or a 15mm clamp. Then on the top, there are two separate hole mounts able to connect to a cheese plate or cameras-20 mount for on the go portability. The PORTA-PAK battery can be swap by removing the battery cover and replacing it without taking enclosure off any type of rig.

Porta-Pak Traveling Case
The PORTA-PAK traveling case is specifically designed to house all Indipro PORTA-PAK Batteries. This soft-shell case allows the user to easily transport the PORTA-PAK Battery without damaging the unit. PORTA-PAK traveling case features Snap-On straps that allow the user to hang the case or clip it directly onto their belts.

PORTA-PAK Cable (2.1mm) for Canon LP-E6 Devices (8″)
This 2.1mm to Canon LP-E6 Type Dummy Battery Cable is designed to work with specifically with the Indipro PORTA-PAK Battery system to provide power to devices that accept Canon LP-E6 type batteries. The cable is 8″ long and polarity tested so you don’t have to worry about crossed polarity when powering devices. Made in the USA.

**Please note that this product can ONLY be shipped to locations in the US, Canada & Mexico**

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Weight 2.5 lbs