Four Micro-Series 98Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Batteries and Quad Pro V-Mount Battery Charger Kit




This Indipro Four Micro-Series 98Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Batteries and Quad Pro V-Mount Battery Charger Kit provide a charging and power solution for professional applications. The charger can simultaneously charge up to four lithium-ion V-mount batteries, while the three-position selector switch allows you to choose to charge batteries or to use the charger as a power supply. Built-in LED indicator lights allow you to see the battery charge status at a glance.

Each V-mount battery has an output of 14.8V with a capacity of 98Wh. The batteries also support up to a 12A draw through the V-mount by itself or the V-mount and D-Tap combined. A built-in 5-bar LED gauge provides a quick indication of the remaining charge in the battery, so you can see at a glance approximately how much power the battery has left. A built-in D-Tap enables powering accessories directly from the battery and supports a draw of up to 3A. As well this battery features a built-in 5v USB adapter for charger phones and tablets onset. Both the batteries and charger come standard with a 2-year warranty.

Micro-Series V-Mount Li-Ion Battery (98Wh)
Its small size belies the power of the Indipro Tools 98Wh Micro-Series V-Mount Li-Ion Battery, which can handle power draws of up to 12A. This battery is suitable for use on smaller camera bodies, and for a variety of applications that benefit from a small footprint that doesn’t sacrifice performance. Its 6.8Ah capacity and 14.8V output are sufficient to power most professional cameras.

In addition to the V-mount power output for powering cameras and lights, this Micro-Series battery features both a D-Tap and a USB power output. The D-Tap output can be used to power a light source, monitor, recorder, or other devices on your rig while the USB port gives you a convenient way of charging your smartphone and USB accessories while you shoot. A five-LED gauge displays the battery’s remaining power.

High capacity, small form factor
Integrated D-Tap and USB accessory power outlets
The battery supports a maximum power draw of 12A

Quad Pro Battery Charger (V-Mount)
Simultaneously charge up to four lithium-ion V-Mount batteries with the dedicated Indipro Tools Quad Pro Battery Charger. It delivers 2.5A of power per channel whether charging single or multiple batteries and offers a 4-pin XLR output for powering cameras and lights from an AC outlet.
The Quad Pro has a portable design, with an ergonomic handle providing for easy transport. LED status indicators let you better manage your batteries, and a power switch is available for turning the charger off when not in use while keeping it plugged in. The Quad Pro supports 100-240V power input, so you can use it worldwide. An XLR cable also comes included.

Key Features
Simultaneous charging of up to four lithium-ion V-Mount batteries
2.5A per channel
4-pin XLR DC power output
Ergonomic handle
LED status indicators
Power switch
100-240V power input
XLR cable included

**Please note that this product can ONLY be shipped to locations in the US, Canada & Mexico**

Additional information

Weight 12.3 lbs