Dual Sony L-Series Power System to Neutrik 4-Pin XLR Connector (12V Output)




This 12Volt Regulated Dual Sony L- Series Power System extends your run time on your 4-Pin XLR powered device by using two available Sony NP-F type batteries. This unit comes with Neutrik 4-Pin XLR connector which is compatible with a variety of devices. This power system has two regulated 2.5mm jacks that output 12Volts. The Plate incorporates a 15mm rod clamp so you can mount it to LWS 15mm support rods. The plate itself features a two-sided design that mounts the batteries one on each face, two batteries are required at all times to supply the necessary voltage to power your 4-Pin XLR powered device. The batteries securely snap into the plate and a release tab must be pressed to release the batteries. A blue LED built into the plate lights up to indicate sufficient voltage to power the unit. This unit is an extremely cost-effective power system for those who already own Sony L-Series batteries. Made in the USA.

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