D-Tap to Right-Angle Micro-USB Cable (24″)


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This 24″ D-Tap to Right-Angle Micro-USB Cable provides unregulated power to your Nucleus-Nano focus motor from a D-Tap power source. The right-angle connector keeps the cable tight to the motor, conserving space on your rig.

Note:  This cable is designed for the Tilta Nucleus-Nano motor only. It is not compatible with the Nucleus-Nano controller.

Please note that this cable is unregulated and will output the same voltage at the micro-USB end that it is fed at the D-Tap, D-Tap outputs are normally 14.4 VDC or slightly higher. This works when powering the Nucleus-Nano (not included), as the Nano has an input voltage range of 5 to 18 VDC. However, using this cable to power standard USB devices may overload and cause damage to your device and power source.

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