AC Power Supply with Nikon EP-5B Type Dummy Battery (8 ft)


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This IndiPRO Tools AC Power Supply with a Nikon EP-5B Type Dummy Battery lets you conveniently power most cameras that use Nikon EP-5B batteries directly from a wall outlet, allowing for continuous power at an event or in the studio. The power cable runs 8 ft long so you’ll have enough length to move around.

On one end this handy power supply features a Nikon EP-5B Type Dummy Battery, and the other end has a standard US power plug. At the same time, it supports worldwide 100-240V power input (using optional plug adapters). This AC power supply converts the 100-240V input power to approximately 9.2V, sufficient power for Nikon Cameras. Some cameras may not be compatible because the battery doors may not support proper dummy battery use.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 in