2x Micro-Series Gold Mount 98Wh Batteries Blackamgic URSA Kit




The Dual 98Wh Micro-Series Blackmagic URSA Kit from IndiPRO Tools includes two Micro-Series Gold Mount Li-ion batteries (98Wh), one Gold mount adapter plate for Blackmagic URSA/URSA Mini, and one Gold mount dual battery charger with XLR output.

Micro-Series Gold Mount Li-Ion Battery (98Wh)
Its small size belies the power of the IndiPRO Tools 98Wh Micro-Series Gold Mount Li-Ion Battery, which can handle power draws of up to 12A. This battery is suitable for use on smaller camera bodies, and for a variety of applications that benefit from a small footprint that doesn’t sacrifice performance. Its 6.8Ah capacity and 14.8V output are sufficient to power most professional cameras.
In addition to the Gold mount power output for powering cameras and lights, this Micro-Series battery features both a D-Tap and a USB power output. The D-Tap output can be used to power a light source, monitor, recorder, or other devices on your rig while the USB port gives you a convenient way of charging your smartphone and USB accessories while you shoot. A five-LED gauge displays the battery’s remaining power.
High capacity, small form factor
Integrated D-Tap and USB accessory power outlets
The battery supports a maximum power draw of 12A
Gold Mount Battery Plate for Blackmagic URSA/URSA Mini
This URSA Gold Mount Battery Plate from IndiPRO Tools enables you to power your URSA or URSA Mini/Mini Pro camera using widely available Gold Mount batteries. It features one D-Tap connector for powering accessories.
Gold Mount Dual Battery Charger with XLR Output
The portable Gold Mount Dual Battery Charger with XLR Output from IndiPRO Tools features a 4-pin XLR output for powering accessories. When in charging mode, an integrated capacity-management system provides the fastest charge possible. This lightweight charger is designed with a built-in carry handle, battery release levers, and a charge/DC-out/off switch.
Charge up to two Gold-Mount batteries simultaneously
4-pin XLR DC output for powering accessories
Lightweight, portable design with integrated top-handle
16.8V 3A charger output
60 W (15 VDC, 4.0 A) DC output power
4-pin XLR cable included

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Weight 5.7 lbs