**B-Stock** 2.5mm DC Power Cable to Regulated Panasonic DMW-BLF19 Dummy Battery (24″)

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Indipro B-Stock products may show various signs of use, such as dents or scratches that do not affect product function. All B-Stock items have been quality tested and comes with a 30 day limited warranty.

The 2.5mm DC Power Cable to Panasonic DMW-BLF19 Dummy Battery is a 24″ cable that terminates in a regulated dmw-blf19 type dummy battery. This cable is for Panasonic Lumix Series GH 3/4/5 Cameras. The other end of the cable has a 2.5mm barrel connector. The cable is polarity tested with the Indipro Power Systems, preventing the risk of crossed polarity when powering your camera. Assembled in the USA.

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